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Does any of this sound familiar?

1. You get tired of that whiny question,"I'm hunnnnggggrrrrryyyy! What's for dinner?"

2.Your grocery bill is starting to tally like the national debt clock of the United States.

3.Your children are starting to think fast food fries and ketchup are a good source of vegetables.

4.The pizza delivery people know your entire family by name including your pets.

5.Your carton of ice cubes and carton of ice cream look lonely in the freezer.

6.Your are over scheduled and planning a meal is the last thing on your mind.

7.The drive-thru is starting to become a routine and necessary stop before heading home for the evening.

8.You are starting to feel as if you could be the star of the 2nd "Supersize Me" movie.

What may be your answer?

OAMC (Once a month cooking) maybe your answer.By planning meals ahead of time youcanreduce the daily work out of dinner. Meal planning, shopping, cooking, and cleaning up the kitchen is all taken care of ahead of time which saves you time during the week: time with which you can use for other activities that you and your family enjoy doing.

 Even if you don'tdo a full month's plan or any freezer cooking, you can still learn methods that will help you save some time and money. It can work for lots of people whether you are single, married, a mom, a dad, a senior, a dieter....

You can't save money on your groceries and provide a home cooked meal without some amount of planning. This site is here to help and/or motivate others to work smarter, not harder and save some of your hard-earned money in the process.

This site contains many links which will help you to save and make the most of your money and resources.

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